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Grades available

Grey Cotton Fabrics

Grey Cotton fabrics in variety of weaves such as Taffeta / plain (11), twill (21), drill (31), satin(31), herringbone, oxford etc and Bleached Fabrics.  

Knitted Fabrics

  Knitted fabrics in single Jersey, Interlock ,RIB Peekay, Jacquard Lycra etc.

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Dyed Fabrics

  Cotton fabrics dyed in customer choice of color with color fastness of 1-2%; washing at 90 degrees.  


Classic: 100% Cotton Denim, Polyester / Cotton Denim, Polypropelene Denim, Strech Denim, Knit Denim etc.
Colors: Indigo Blue, Sulphur Black, Deep purple, Bottle green, Lemon Yellow and more.
Weave: Right hand Twill, Left Hand Twill, Broken Twill, Pointed Twill, Herringbone Twill, Chamray, Cord weave, Crepe weave, Oxford , Stripes/checks etc.
Weights: 5 ½, 6 ½, 7(Ring denim), 8,10,12 ½, 13 ½, 14 ½, 15 ½ Ounce weight.